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The bureau of Labor Statistics estimates occupations requiring at least a master’s degree will grow by 21.7 % by the decade’s end. In addition, the consulting firm McKinsey & Company predicts a shortage of 1.5 million college grads to fill jobs (Graves, Jada A., November 26, 2012. What Will the Job Market Look Like in 2020?, News and World Report) As educators we recognize that we need to engage the community in closing the labor gap. The Laveen Education Foundation is proposing an internal grant funded by Laveen businesses. The program objectives are as follows:

1) Better prepare students in the Laveen School District to enter the workforce.

2) Provide Laveen businesses the opportunity to be directly involved in funding educational projects.


Provide educators in the Laveen School District additional opportunities to teach real-world job skills.

Your Participation

Participation in the Laveen Education Foundation, Internal Grants Program, means that you support your local schools.  As a participant you will receive recognition for your business as a valued partner.

The donations from business partners for the Internal Grant Program will be used to fund $500 mini-grants.  Grant applications will be submitted by any Laveen School District employee that directly instructs students.  For example, a teacher might decide that they want to start teaching circuitry during their science class.  In order to teach their circuitry unit, the teacher decides that they want to apply for an internal grant in order to purchase circuitry kits for her class.  As a business partner you will have the opportunity to help fund projects like this.  The Laveen Education Foundation will select the Internal Grant Winners. Business partners that donate $500 or more will have an opportunity to be part of this process.

Lastly, grant winners will be expected to submit a grant completion report.  The report will include pictures and a brief narrative that details the impact of the grant. Completion reports will be sent to all business partners.  From start to finish business partners will have the opportunity to fund innovative educational projects while receiving recognition as a business partner.

Donation Level Menu

Businesses will have the opportunity to select their donation amount. The Laveen Education Foundation is a 501c3. All donations are tax deductible. When viewing the Donation Level Menu take in mind that the items under each donation category are cumulative as you work your way down the menu.  For example: Donations $500 or greater will receive all of the benefits listed in the other two categories.  Businesses can participate in the Internal Grant Process by doing the following:

Donations up to $49

  • Tax Deduction

  • Recognition on the Laveen Education Foundation Web-Site


Donations between $50 and $499

  • Display a Laveen Education Advocates Poster in their Business


Donations $500 and greater

  • Select Internal Grant winners

  • Participate in the award ceremony at a governing board meeting


Internal Grant Timeline

Monday, December 3rd:  Internal Grant applications turned in to the Community Outreach Coordinator via online application.

Friday February 22:  Awards for Internal Grants are approved by the Laveen Education Foundation.

Thursday, March 7:  All Internal Grant recipients will be notified at the March Governing Board Meeting.

May 1 , 2020:  Final reports from grant recipients received by the Laveen Education Foundation.

Internal grant applicants may apply for a grant for any monetary denomination between $200 and $500.  All internal grant applications must be submitted online via the district approved Internal Grant Application.  All applications must be approved by their site administrator.  If the internal grant requires additional funding, technology, or impacts any other department, the site administrator must receive approval from the Community Outreach Coordinator. (The required form is below.)  All Internal Grant Applications are due by 4:00 pm on Monday December 3rd, 2018





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